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Meaningfu1 Conversation 

A blackout in their building leads new neighbors David and Nat into a night of games and revealing conversation. Two years later, their lives reconnect when a domestic dispute in the building erupts on a night when David brings home a one night stand.

(2W, 3M)

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Praise for Meaningful Conversation

"Meaningful Conversation is raw and real.
It depicts a snapshot of life like I've never seen on stage."

Stephanie Wild, Broadway World

"Panettieri’s characters are fleshed out and unabashedly human...
the actors bring them to life with tenderness."

Austin Fimmano, Plays To See

A Burial Place


Following a rough sophomore year at college, Emmett, Colby and Marcus were hoping to reunite at home for a fun night of beers and laughs at their annual summer sleepover. Instead, they comeback to find their town at the epicenter of a major police investigation. A gruesome discovery out in the woods where they used to play has resulted in public outrage and a growing list of unanswered questions. What's been found out there could be connected to an incident involving Marcus from years earlier, but if the boys go in search of the truth now, it may only pull them apart forever. Some secrets, no matter how far you push them down, never find a place to rest.


Praise for A Burial Place

"Owen Panettieri’s script is a masterclass in building character and drawing out tension."

-Tommy Parti, NY Theatre Guide

"As inexplicable and strange as what happens in Owen Panettieri's new play A Burial Place may seem, there is something so real, so humanly relatable to its ethereal quality that it becomes this heartwarming story that audiences will not only very much enjoy, but will be compelled to ask how far any one of us is willing to believe in the bond we share with those in our lives...even when we fight against its fading away."

- Kristen Morale, Broadway World


Vestments of The Gods

When Annie and Hayden wear costumes in violation of school rules to the Thebes Street Elementary Halloween Celebration, a small power struggle between students and faculty erupts into a full-out battle for control… with tragic consequences. And songs. 

(8W, 8M) 

* Winner *

Overall Excellence in Ensemble

FringeNYC, 2014


Praise for Vestments of the Gods

"Ambitious. Compelling."

The New York Times, 8/11/14

"Jaunty songs... savvy and sensitive direction,

and a truly excellent ensemble led by Erica Diaz."

Time Out New York, Critic's Pick, 8/11/14

"Owen Panettieri’s sophisticated musical

combines the macabre with a touching, politically conscious 

coming-of-age story." 8/18/14

"There are no caveats to this one: go see this show!"

Charged.FM, 8/20/14

The Timing of a Day

Josh, Doug and Paige share a loving (if cramped) Harlem apartment and a loving (if cramped) friendship when an unforeseeable tragedy changes the course of their lives forever. Over the course of a single day. slices of their past, present, and future weave together in new ways, as each one is forced to question if there really is such a thing as "perfect timing" or if all timing is just perfectly flawed....

(1W, 3M)

* Winner *

Overall Excellence in Ensemble

* Winner *

Outstanding New Play 2010

Praise for The Timing of A Day

"The Timing of a Day is a real portrait of how the loss of a friend can mean the losing of oneself. Owen Panettieri’s new play is powerful and clever, and features four outstanding performances.

- Blake Ross, Playbill

"It's a rare privilege to be invited into unfamiliar territory and yet to feel instantly at home."

- Rober Windeler, Backstage





"With considerable craft, Panettieri lets the laughs arise organically; but he also has a gift for depicting tragedy, as well as the anger and tenderness it can trigger in equal measure."

-- Sandy MacDonald, TheaterMania 




"Much as in Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, these are people who haven’t realized how special their time together, their fights, or their heartbreaks actually were. But it’s with a charming, moving fervor that The Timing of a Day celebrates them — and everything else about life we seldom cherish until it’s too late."

- Matthew Murray, Talkin' Broadway

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