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Following a rough sophomore year at college, Emmett, Colby and Marcus were hoping to reunite at home for a fun night of beers and laughs at their annual summer sleepover. Instead, they comeback to find their town at the epicenter of a major police investigation.  A gruesome discovery out in the woods where they used to play has resulted in public outrage and a growing list of unanswered questions. What's been found out there could be connected to an incident involving Marcus from years earlier, but if the boys go in search of the truth now, it may only pull them apart forever. Some secrets, no matter how far you push them down, never find a place to rest.

"Owen Panettieri’s script is a masterclass in building character and drawing out tension."

-Tommy Parti, NY Theatre Guide

"As inexplicable and strange as what happens in Owen Panettieri's new play A Burial Place may seem, there is something so real, so humanly relatable to its ethereal quality that it becomes this heartwarming story that audiences will not only very much enjoy, but will be compelled to ask how far any one of us is willing to believe in the bond we share with those in our lives...even when we fight against its fading away."

- Kristen Morale, Broadway World


A Burial Place - Press Images

Opening Night November 4, 2016

A Burial Place Dorothy Strelsin Theater 2016

Production Images

A Burial Place was produced at the Dorothy Strelsin Theatre in November 2016 by 

New Light Theater Project in association with 5000 Broadway Productions.

Director: Joey Brenneman

Production Stage Manager: Allyson Namishia

Asst. Stage Manager: Connor Scully

Set Design: Ashleigh Poteat 

Sound Design: Andy Evan Cohen

Lighting Design: Ali Hall

Prop Design: Charlotte Harrison

Publicity: Charlie Guadano


Evan Maltby - Evan

Max King - Colby

Deswhawn Wyatte - Marcus


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